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Sunday, Jan 30
6:30pm Doors // 7pm Show

KICT Presents

Text POPEVIL to 49798 for presale info on 11/10
Concessions and full bars open! Also featuring local favorites Nancy's A-Maize-N Sandwich Booth.
All Ages
Support acts subject to change
Text ROCK to 49798 for concert updates.
A limited number of table reservations are available by calling 316-722-4201 or in person at The Cotillion.
COVID-19 Show Policy: There are no restrictions on this show but we encourage face masks when you can not social distance and ask that you stay home if you are feeling sick or have been exposed recently to someone with COVID-19.  

POP EVIL is the bridge between life-affirming hard rock hit-making and the burgeoning new

frontier of genre-bending postmodern playlists. A crowd-pleasing band unafraid to embrace the

heaviest and most melodic ends of the spectrum, with a seemingly endless stream of No. 1 hits

veering between fist-pumping anthems and timeless power ballads. POP EVIL delivers their

most ambitious rebirth yet with a jaw-dropping sixth album.

“Let the Chaos Reign” and “Work” arrive as a twin assault of invigorating ready-made hits for

2020, from an album filled to the brim with a dozen tracks each worthy of a dedicated spotlight.

“Let the Chaos Reign” is the heaviest single the band has ever dropped, a rousing fight song of

self-determination and rising to meet any challenge with courage and strength. By contrast,

“Work” puts its heavy guitars atop grooving rhythmic punch and EDM flourishes, as it champions

the working-class heroes struggling to persevere across all industries today.

“We won’t bore people with the same song over and over,” assures charismatic frontman and

bandleader Leigh Kakaty, who co-founded the band in Michigan. “When you come to our live

show, we feel like there should be an ebb and flow, peaks and valleys, that are similar to real

life. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. We like to take people on a journey when

they listen to our music or come to see us live.”

Pop Evil has been a staple at major festivals and in theaters and clubs for nearly two decades,

despite the group’s relative youth. As they’ve ruled the roost with No. 1 Billboard Rock singles

like “Trenches”, “Deal with the Devil”, “Torn to Pieces”, “Footsteps”, and “Waking Lions”, they’ve

taken their inspired message to the people, on tours with modern rock titans and veteran acts


One listen to any of the songs from the impressive body of work laid down by the band on

Lipstick on the Mirror (2008), War of Angels (2011), Onyx (2013), Up (2015), and the self-titled

smash Pop Evil (2018) confirms exactly how Pop Evil built such a diverse fanbase.

On their go-for-broke sixth album, the group doubles down on the yin-and-yang at the heart of

their sound. There’s no other band that bounces between a song like “Waking Lions” and “A

Crime to Remember” or “100 in a 55” so effectively and with such overwhelming success.